Epidemic-Macro Model Data Base

The Epidemic-Macro Model Data Base (Epi-MMB) is a replication archive of macroeconomic models with epidemiologic features. It is an extension of the Macroeconomic Model Data Base (MMB) developed by Prof. Volker Wieland. The MMB is a computational platform for systematic model comparison and policy analysis. You can use this link to visit the MMB.

The Epi-MMB has today more than 20 structural macroeconomic models, which feature a pandemic. We are constantly working on expanding our archive to provide an up-to-date overview.

The website is organized as follows:

Epi-MMB is a joint research project of Professor Volker Wieland from the Institute of Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) and Professor Mathias Trabandt from Goethe University Frankfurt, including their research and student assistants. Financial support from Goethe-Corona-Fonds is gratefully acknowledged.

We would like to thank the researchers who shared their model codes and additional material as well as Ph.D. students at Goethe University who helped implementing models in the database.

If you would like to refer to Epi-MMB in your research, the recommended way is to cite as follows:

Alexander Dück, Anh H. Le, Clara Lindemann, KaiLong Liu, Sirikorn Puangjit, Sofia Semik, Mathias Trabandt, Volker Wieland. (2022). Epi-MMB.com – A Macro-Epi Comparison Platform.

If you want to give a URL, please use the address: https://epi-mmb.com/.


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